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Online Training and convention center Booking System

  1. Login 
  2. stylist website
  3. Training Center Room Package Details.
  4. Convention Center Package Details.
  5. Food Catering Package Details
  6. Stylist Dashboard
  7. Reservation
  8. Invoice Bill
  9. Report

Inventory Management system

  • Login
  • Dashboard control panel
  • Bulk purchase stock in
  • Single purchase stock in
  • Bulk purchase stock out
  • Single purchase stock out
  • Administrator wise product category
  • Service center 
  • Report

Stock Management system

  • Login panel
  • Dashboard control panel
  • add/ manage user
  • add group/manage group
  • add category
  • add store
  • add product/manage product
  • add order/manage order
  • reports
  • manage company
  • profile
  • settings
  • logout

Recruitment Management System


Admin/Staff Side

  • Login Page
    • The page where the admin or staff will log in their system credentials to access the system.
  • Status Category Page
    • The page where can admin and staff will manage the list of recruitment steps or status of the applicants.
  • Vacancy Page
    • The page where all vacancies are listed and can be managed by staff or admin.
  • Applicants Page
    • The page where all applicants are listed and can be managed or viewed by admin/staff. This is the page where an admin and staff find the application form for the walk-in applicants.
  • Settings Page
    • The page where an admin managed the website information such as the about us content.
  • Users Page
    • The page where an admin manages the system user’s credentials.


  • Home Page
    • The page where the applicant will be redirected by default when browsing the recruitment website. This is also the page where all jobs hiring list are displayed.
  • About Page
    • The page where the applicants can read the “About Content” of the company on the website.